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In the autumn of 1982, 'DALLAS' fans were introduced to the cocky, loud-mouthed juvenile delinquent Mickey Trotter. For me, he was one of the most interesting characters who ever appeared in the soap, and it was never the same after he left the series. For a condensed story of Timothy Patrick Murphy's best-known, best-loved and well, BEST character, read on...

Ray Krebbs received a letter one day. It was from his Aunt Lil Trotter, the sister of Amos Krebbs, who Ray had always believed was his father (it was actually Jock Ewing). Amos was dead, and Ray and Donna headed off to Emporia, Kansas, for the funeral. Ray discovered that Aunt Lil had a son - Mickey. The youth was rude and stand-offish, mouthing off at his mother and causing Ray to grab him by the collar. He told Mickey he should be more respectful towards his mother, but Mickey would have none of it, and left. Aunt Lil told Ray about Mickey. Ever since leaving high school, he had drifted from one job to another. Whilst out for a drive, Ray and Donna pulled into a petrol station, and found Mickey manning the pumps. Ray and Donna told Mickey off about his surly attitude, and Mickey informed them he is on probation for stealing cars, and that the money from the job was going towards paying off the damages on a car he wrecked. His mother knew nothing of it. Ray believed he could get Mickey back on the right track, and offered the boy the chance to go back to Southfork with him. After thinking it over, Mickey agreed. He expected to live with Ray and Donna, but instead, Ray led him to bunkhouse#2. Ray had to endure Mickey's taunts about his status, but then he told Mickey that Jock Ewing, and not Amos Krebbs, was his father. One day, Ray caught Mickey conning the other ranch hands during a game of craps. Ray mistakenly believed that Mickey was using a loaded dice, but when he found out that he was not, he played hell with the youth for skiving his work. The next run in between Ray and Mickey came when Ray caught Mickey in a bar, chatting up two girls. Ray made the attempt to talk some sense into the boy, but he would not listen, until Ray warned him that, in future, he would watch him like a hawk. During the rehearsal for JR and Sue Ellen's forthcoming wedding, Mickey wandered into the main house and encountered Lucy. After talking for a while, they discovered that they both had a rebellious nature. Later, Mickey asked Ray about her, only to be told that Lucy Ewing was way out of his league. After the wedding ceremony had taken place, Mickey saw Sue Ellen having a dance with Cliff Barnes. He informed JR, who then started a pool-side brawl, which resulted in several people, including Mickey, getting soaked. It was not long before Mickey encountered Lucy again. He called at the ranch to get some papers signed. There was no one there apart from Lucy, and Mickey took the opportunity to ask her why she never went out. He asked her on a date, but she turned him down flat. Mickey believed that she was a spoiled little rich girl who did not want to be seen with him. At the annual Ewing barbecue, Mickey tried again to win Lucy round. He asked her for a dance, but she snubbed him again. After exchanging insults, Mickey reached out his hand to Lucy, but she seemed nervous and this made Mickey think that there was more to Lucy's problem than met the eye. The pair had yet another opportunity to trade insults. Mickey decided to have a swim in the ranch pool, but Lucy caught him and told him to go. Ray explained to Lucy about Mickey's sullen attitude and lack of responsibility. Mickey was several hours late after going on an errand to collect some cattle vaccine. Lucy tried to get Mickey off the hook by telling Ray that she asked Mickey for a ride, but Ray told her that Mickey was still a wild lad. One night, Lucy and her friend Muriel arrived at a pub to find Mickey half-drunk and trying to pick up several girls. The hefty boyfriend of one of the girls pushed Mickey away, and eventually Lucy took him back to Southfork to sober up. Whilst on a visit to Ray's house, Mickey had a word with Donna about the reason they lived in a small house. Donna told him that she thought he only liked Lucy because he was obsessed with money. Also she told him that she was aloof towards him because she believed that his self-assured cocky attitude would hurt Ray, but Mickey assured her he would never do anything to hurt Ray. Mickey and Lucy eventually went on a date, and they shared a kiss. Mickey took Lucy to a motel a few nights later and tried to work out why Lucy was so afraid of intimacy. Lucy informed him that it was difficult to talk about, but Mickey wanted to listen to her. After telling him about the rape ordeal, Lucy seemed more relaxed. Incidents soon began to take on a sinister turn. JR found Lucy and Mickey in Ray's pick-up truck, it had a dent on thef ront fender and a smashed headlight. It was damaged in an attempt to set up Walt Driscoll. Mickey went to meet Lucy after she had done a modelling job, and Lucy told him that she wanted to spend more time with him. Aunt Lil sent word that she would come and visit Southfork. This made Mickey nervous, as he wondered how his mother would fit in. One night, they all went out for a meal and Aunt Lil gently tried to warn her son that him and Lucy came from different worlds. After catching JR up to his old tricks, Sue Ellen hit the bottle again. As Mickey was barbecuing burgers for himself and Lucy, he saw JR enter the house while Sue Ellen was drinking. After a row, Sue Ellen dashed out to JR's car and jumped into the driving seat. Even though she was drunk she still remembered to fasten her seatbelt! Lucy urged Mickey to try and stop her - he got in the car beside her, but neglected to fasten his seatbelt. He was unable to stop Sue Ellen driving, and the car turned out of the gates and onto the road. It was rammed by another car, spinning over a couple of times before coming to rest. The two occupants of the car were taken to the local emergency centre. Sue Ellen was only slightly injured, for Mickey it was much worse. Lucy felt guilty for telling him to go after Sue Ellen. Mickey was in a serious condition, in the trauma unit. His family were informed that, if he survived, he would suffer serious neurological damage. He was moved to the Dallas Memorial Hospital, where his family were told he had fractured vertebrae and a compressed spinal cord. He would be paralyzed from the neck down. Aunt Lil was devastated, and could not bear to look at her son in a comatose state. One night, when Mickey had no visitors, Walt Driscoll came to his room. He broke down in tears when he saw the unconscious youth. He could not live with the guilt of harming the innocent boy, and committed suicide. Ray and JR fought it out at the ranch over the Walt Driscoll affair, Ray blaming JR for Mickey's accident. This started a fire at the ranch. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mickey opened his eyes to see Lucy and his mother. Mickey and Lucy discussed his accident in detail. Mickey was sure he would make a full recovery, and said he wanted to marry Lucy when he was well again. Later that evening, when Ray, Donna, Lucy and Aunt Lil visited Mickey he was down in the dumps - the doctors had told him he would never recover and would be paralyzed for life. Mickey tried to cover up his depressed mood by attempting to make jokes, but his mother was not fooled. Mickey and Lucy began to argue, he complained that Lucy was spending too much time at the hospital staring at him. Lucy told him that she would stay with him to prevent him giving up on life. In confidence, Mickey told Ray that he wanted to get the maximum out of life, but he did not want to become a vegetable. Ray told him to quit talking like that, but Mickey said he would rather be dead. Mickey turned against his family once more, telling them to get on with their lives and leave him alone. He wanted his ordeal to come to an end, but Lucy angrily told him she was around to stay. Later that day, Mickey had a cardiac arrest and lapsed back into a comatose state. His mother said she would not look at her son hooked up to a load of machines. Ray said he wanted to spend a little longer with Mickey, and, barricading himself and Aunt Lil in the room, he unplugged Mickey's life support. When the doctors managed to enter the room, Mickey was dead. Ray was arrested for murder, but later put on probation. Here ends the story of the BEST "DALLAS" character ever.