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Timothy Patrick Murphy plays young Eugene Orowitz (in reality Michael Landon) in this biopic. He is a lightly-built teenager who is bullied by the footballer who steals his girlfriend, but, in an athletics trial, Gene discovers he has a natural talent for throwing the javelin. His coach encourages him, telling him that he could be awarded a scholarship to go to college in California. Gene is overjoyed, as he has a passion for movies. Helped by his new (very loyal) girlfriend, Gene works hard at his worst subject - geometry - in order to improve his grades. One night, Gene goes to see 'Samson and Delilah', and is inspired by the story of Samson's hair. He vows he will not cut his own hair while ever he is due to compete. As his hair grows, he takes to hiding it under his collar, eventually he is told it must be cut short, or he cannot compete. His father - Sam - is sympathetic, and takes him to see a relative who happens to be a doctor. Gene emerges with his head in bandages (memories of Timothy Murphy's last appearances in 'Dallas' surface here) and tells everyone, including his horrified mother, that he was hit by a truck! In the competition he throws 93 feet, and he goes out to celebrate with his girlfriend. He (literally) bumps into the footballer bully, who goads him, but as Gene has been building up his arms, he packs a mighty punch and floors his tormentor. His ex-girlfriend comes crawlng back, asking him to take her to a movie. He gives her what for, telling her he has a date but if she turns up at the theatre where his father works he will give her a cheap ticket. Sam manages to persuade his boss to give him time off to see Gene throw in the college trial. Before he goes he has to unload several film reels from a lorry which has broken down. The exertion causes him to have a bad heart attack. When Gene finds out about his father, he is upset, and finally removes his bandages (coming out looking like Jason Patric in 'The Lost Boys') to reveal his long hair. He prepares for the throw of his life, and easily breaks 200 feet, before he goes to see his father. The news is bad, nothing can be done, but as Gene sits by his father, Sam tells him of a script he wrote called 'Sam's Son', and he tells Gene to read it. The buzzer sounds and Sam is dead. This film has alot of charm, but it can seem corny. The backdrop of 1950's music adds its own atmosphere, but full praise must go to Timothy Murphy. He plays a blinder, and won a Best Newcomer Award. Like all his other performances, he gives out an undefinable charm which many others cannot match.