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Thanks to Gina for this photo


EPISODE 107: "THE BIG BALL". Ray meets Mickey.
EPISODE 108: "JOCK'S WILL". Ray offers Mickey the chance to go to Southfork.
EPISODE 109: "AFTERMATH". Mickey starts working on the ranch.
EPISODE 110: "HIT AND RUN". Ray catches Mickey skiving work. Mickey meets some of the Ewing family.
EPISODE 111: "THE EWING TOUCH". Ray catches Mickey in a bar.
EPISODE 112: "FRINGE BENEFITS". Does not appear.
EPISODE 113: "THE WEDDING". Mickey meets Lucy. EPISODE 114: "POST NUPTIAL". Mickey tells JR that Sue Ellen is dancing with Cliff Barnes. A fight spills over into the pool.
115: "BARBECUE THREE". Mickey asks Lucy out, she rebuffs him. He invites her to dance but she is afraid, and he wonders why.
EPISODE 116: "MAMA DEAREST". Mickey meets Lucy's friend Muriel, who thinks Lucy should give Mickey a go.
EPISODE 117: "THE EWING BLUES". Lucy catches Mickey having a swim in the Southfork pool.
EPISODE 118: "THE RECKONING". Does not appear.
EPISODE 120: "CRASH OF '83". Ray talks to Lucy about Mickey being surly. He was late getting some cattle vaccine. Lucy covers for him, saying that he was late because he gave her a lift. Ray tells her to keep away from Mickey.
EPISODE 122: "LEGACY". Lucy and Muriel catch Mickey drunk in a bar, trying to pick up girls. Lucy takes him back to the ranch.
EPISODE 124: "THE CARIBBEAN CONNECTION". Mickey and Donna talk about why Donna and Ray live in a small house. Donna thinks Mickey is only interested in Lucy because of her money. Donna is distant towards Mickey because his cocky attitude might hurt Ray, but Mickey assures her he would never hurt Ray.
EPISODE 125: "THE STING". Mickey and Lucy finally go out on a date and kiss. Later on, Mickey takes her to a motel room and wonders why she is so nervous. Lucy tells him about the rape.
EPISODE 126: "HELL HATH NO FURY". Lucy tells Mickey she wants to be alone with him again.
EPISODE 127: "CUBA LIBRE". Mickey is unhappy about his mother's impending visit. They all go to dinner, and Aunt Lil tries to tell Mickey that he and Lucy come from different worlds.
EPISODE 129: "THINGS AIN'T GOING TOO GOOD AT SOUTHFORK". Mickey is barbecuing burgers when Sue Ellen leaves the house drunk and gets into JR's car. Mickey tries to stop her, but Sue Ellen drives through the gates and the car is hit, causing it to crash.
EPISODE 130: "PENULTIMATE". Lucy feels guilty for making Mickey go after Sue Ellen. Mickey is moved to Dallas Memorial Hospital with neurological damage. He will be paralyzed if he survives.
EPISODE 131: "EWING INFERNO". Aunt Lil cannot bear to look at Mickey. Walt Driscoll visits Mickey and is driven to suicide.


EPISODE 132: "THE ROAD BACK". Mickey comes out of his coma.
EPISODE 133: "THE LONG GOODBYE". Mickey is confident he will recover and wants to marry Lucy. He later learns he will be paralyzed and becomes depressed.
EPISODE 134: "THE LETTER". Mickey tries to be cheerful.
EPISODE 135: "MY BROTHER'S KEEPER". Mickey tells Lucy she is at the hospital too often. Lucy tells him he mustn't give up. Mickey tells Ray he does not want to live as a vegetable.
EPISODE 136: "THE QUALITY OF MERCY". Mickey tells his family to stop seeing him. Lucy tells him she will stay. Mickey suffers a heart attack and ends up in a coma. Ray pulls the plug on the life support and barricades the door as Mickey dies. THIS IS A REAL TEAR JERKER EPISODE!!!

A Scene From "Dallas"
Mickey and Lucy - thanks to Gina.